Zasio is a proud sponsor of the 2021 IG Maturity Index Analysis and Report conducted by ARMA International.

The IG Maturity Index Survey is designed to be a data-driven, point-in-time measuring tool of IG programs – a benchmarking tool that will help organizations conduct year-over-year comparisons of their IG maturity.

If reviewing and benchmarking the maturity of your IG program sounds overwhelming, Zasio’s Consulting team offers a variety of IG program evaluations that can help you understand the IG Maturity Index and Survey results, identify gaps in your program, and create a proactive plan to mitigate them.

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IG Maturity Index Results Readout and Analysis 

During this webinar, Ann Snyder, ARMA’s Content and Education Director presents the key findings from the second annual IG Maturity Index Survey, reviews how the results compared to last year’s survey, and shares how you can use the IG Maturity Index and the survey results to evaluate and advance your own IG programs.


Questions discussed during the session include:
  • Are organizations making sufficient progress in developing information governance (IG) programs?
  • How can you determine if your program is ahead of the IG curve or is striving to catch up?

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