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We’re a global leader in information governance, records management, and record retention. Don’t let your information challenges become a liability. We can help.


The RIM landscape is constantly evolving. We make it our mission to stay current on the law, business practices, and industry trends.


RIM doesn’t have to be complicated. Simplicity in a RIM program is key to stakeholder compliance. A fine-tuned, practical, and easy-to-follow program can also have a noticeable effect on productivity and the bottom line.


Every organization is different. That’s why we formulate our strategy to meet your organization’s individual needs.


IG is like a garden that must be constantly tended. And maintaining an effective RIM program requires support. Let us be your partner and use our expertise to help keep your RIM program up-to-date.

Why Zasio Consulting?

We provide in-house citation research and consulting. Our team of highly trained legal experts is versed in the law and business processes and hold advanced professional certifications in information governance, records and information management and privacy.

We have the training and expertise to tackle the toughest IG challenges. Whether your organization is a small business, government entity, nonprofit, or global enterprise, Zasio delivers the results you need for your records program with our signature world-class customer service. And, if you’re tired of consultants who promise to be by your side for the duration, only to outsource your project to subcontractors, you’ll be pleased to know at Zasio, we perform our work 100 percent in-house.

Legal Research Services

Identify Legal Retention Requirements

Our global research footprint includes 153 countries, 76 sub-jurisdictions (states, provinces, territories), 15 self-regulatory organizations, one supranational organization (EU), and over 159,000 citations.

Our research scope extends beyond retention to requirements that impact the management of records throughout their lifecycle. These requirements include retention laws and regulations, data privacy affecting records retention, handling requirements (destruction, records location and movement, records media/format), and statutes of limitation.

Active Citations

Zasio’s wealth of experience and expertise with information management has helped Highmark Inc. to become a company that manages its business and member records at the highest levels of confidence. The records management program that Zasio built for us has enabled our company to pass numerous records management audits with no corrective actions required. Additionally, our company mindset is now to retain records according to our policies and not to just keep everything forever. We are all in a much better place when it comes to records management.

Andrew Kopac

Highmark Inc.

As a public utility, our company is required to conform to local, state, and federal laws, as well as Utility Commissions requirements in several states. Zasio’s extensive experience and exhaustive research helped us to more clearly and simply define our retention requirements, as well as ensure a more defensible and accurate policy. Additionally, their reputation in the industry enabled our company to comfortably outsource the responsibility of the research and updates, therefore reducing resources required in-house to maintain the complicated research to update the schedule.

LeAnne Foster

Southwest Gas Corporation

Words are truly insufficient in describing Zasio’s expertise, consulting ability, and patience. I have had an extensive professional life and collaborated with many consultants. Never has my experience been so illuminating, enjoyable, and overall, rich. We consider this our first phase of a records retention schedule, and once all that we need to do with it is completed, my desire is to push the institution to continue with it through the remaining departments. It is my hope that we will continue with the remaining phases, and continue the partnership with Zasio.

Howard O. Ross

United Bank


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