Physical Records Management

No matter the size of your business, your industry, or the capacity of your records management needs, we have a solution to help manage the complete lifecycle of your paper records.

Whether tracking active files stored on-site for regular access or inactive boxes in an off-site records center, you can always know their status and location, including ownership, retention dates, and more.

Role-Based Security

Ensure the right people are seeing and doing the right things. Each security profile defines what users can do (their role) as well as what records they can access, based on multiple criteria. Create as many profiles as you need to dial-in the right access controls.

Built-in Reporting

Create unlimited custom reports or use one of our many standard templates. Customize each report so you only see the data you need. Build a basic report with a few clicks or build out complex forms including logos, statistics, and dynamic formatting.

Retention Scheduling

Easily schedule records for transfer or destruction with dynamically-calculated retention dates. Simply assign your record series to a file or box, and the system automatically calculates the transfer and destruction dates, including event-based retention.

Check-out Tracking

Use the circulation tracking feature to perform records request handling including tracking the status of
requests, maintaining a history of custody changes, and generating and emailing overdue reports.

Visual Space Management

Locate records easily with Versatile’s space management feature, which displays a virtual records center with configurable aisles, bays, and shelves. Always know your available space without leaving your desk.

Disposition Management

Organize dispositions into defined batches of records that may be destroyed with a single touch when they have completed their lifecycle.

Customizable Screens

Manage and track your records with intuitive navigation and screens that can be customized to your needs. Configure home screen features, collapse or expand menus as needed, and choose search filters and displayed columns to suit your workflow.

Search and Retrieval

Take advantage of full text, Boolean searching capabilities, as well as our exclusive “Smart Search” feature that allows your searching to be as simple or complex as you like. Versatile allows you to search ranges, null values, specific and combined fields as well as keyword searching.

Need Something More Robust?

Versatile Enterprise takes physical records management to the next level for organizations that are larger in scope and complexity or more highly regulated. See the software’s advanced records management features below:

Retention Holds

Ensure you don’t destroy records that are pending litigation, audit, or review by applying retention holds. Holds can be applied to individual records, entire classes of records, or to search results involving multiple criteria.

Audit Trail

View the history of what’s being added, updated, or deleted—as well as who’s logging in or trying to do so. Changes are tracked transparently, and in some cases you can also “roll back” some properties of a record to a previous state.

Extensive Records Search and Retrieval

Powerful search controls provide accurate search results when looking for records, including multiple ways to view the results to best suit the scenario. With strategies and views, you can save keywords and other search filters for repeat use, share with other users, as well as customize the columns displayed when viewing results.


Bill departments automatically for records management functions such as file/box checkout or records storage.

Compatible Destructions

Comply with the digital signature requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 for any authorizer added to a disposition batch.

Document-Level Tracking

Manage records down to the document level, including the ability to barcode, checkout, hold, and destroy documents—either independently or within a file folder.


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