Retention Schedule Management

No matter the structure of your schedule—departmental, functional, big-bucket—Versatile handles it effortlessly. Our complete retention schedule management and research solution keeps your schedule updated, under control, and accessible to every member of your business.

Retention and privacy laws are nothing to trifle with. Huge fines can be imposed for under or over retaining records depending on your jurisdiction and industry. Finding and complying with such laws has become increasingly burdensome for companies due to the growing complexity and breadth of laws. Versatile 2023 with Retention Schedule Management provides a comprehensive solution to this business challenge.

Our in-house experts — attorneys, paralegal analysts, certified records managers, information governance professionals, and certified information privacy professionals — do the tedious legal research work, putting everything into a simple-to-use database. Meet our research team!

And, legal research is only one part of the Versatile 2023 solution! Those retention and privacy laws drive your corporate retention schedule—the cornerstone of your information governance program. A spreadsheet isn’t up to the task of providing audit trails, change management, comprehensive searching, and global exceptions. You need something more…Versatile!

Create and Maintain Retention Schedules

Big bucket, small bucket (functional or departmental), flat list or multiple levels of hierarchy—Versatile can handle any structure you need or multiple structures. Our intuitive “Smart Search” feature allows you to search for citations and link them to schedules to show legal backing for retention rules without having to learn query languages.

Retention Schedule History

View your records retention schedule as a point-in-time snapshot or see the history of changes over time using multiple search criteria.

Regular Legal Citation Updates

Citation updates are published every couple of weeks with notifications to admins by email and within the application, including details about the impact on your schedule so you know what’s important.

Role-based User Interface

Versatile Retention offers a power tool interface for those who manage the retention schedule, as well as a configurable end-user portal for casual users.

Audit Control

Manage schedule updates and the approval process confidently, knowing every change is fully audited.

Change Management

Built-in change management workflow. All reviews and feedback are done within the system, so you know exactly where things stand at any moment. And, you’ll have the history of those changes in case there are ever questions in the future about who approved what.

Robust Reporting System

Create unlimited custom reports or use one of the provided templates. Customize retention schedules so you only see the data you need. Build a basic report with a few clicks of your mouse.

User-Defined Security

Keep your organization compliant with audit history for all schedule changes and security controls to limit access. You’ll never have to compromise security for function; information is secured and configurable as user roles change.

System Mapping

Keep track of the systems where records are managed and link those systems to your records retention schedule.

Global Schedules

Multi-national organizations will benefit from the ability to create one master schedule, easily designate which countries are covered by each schedule title and add country-specific exceptions to the global rules. The software supports data in any language and can support displaying the user interface and menus in a language suitable to the user.

Choose from three subscription packages: U.S, North American, and International.

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