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We take critical components of records and information management into consideration to identify areas of improvement related to your goals and objectives. With this research, we can recommend practical record management assessment programs specific to your organization.

RIM Program Evaluation

A prerequisite to improving an information governance program is understanding its current deficiencies. Zasio will develop an appraisal of an organization’s
information governance program by thoroughly analyzing all program components, processes, and procedures. This assessment identifies further steps and priorities to improve the program and optimize the future allocation of resources.

Our methodology assesses program quality and
effectiveness and our recommendations are tailored to your organization’s objectives. We consider critical components of RIM to identify areas of improvement related to your goals and objectives and recommend practical solutions.

Retention Requirements

The number of retention laws and regulations that exist in scores of jurisdictions around the globe can make identifying legal retention requirements a challenge for even the largest, most sophisticated organization.

We’re here to help lift the burden you face identifying legal retention requirements. Our records analysts have researched 150 countries and identified more than 160,000 domestic and international retention, handling, and formatting legal requirements. Unlike some RIM consultants, we update our citation database daily to make sure you’re current on the legal requirements affecting your organization’s records.

Retention Schedule Development

A good record retention schedule is the linchpin of a defensible RIM program. Every retention schedule must be designed to provide robust coverage of business operations while also maintaining simplicity. After all, simplicity is the best way to create a culture of adherence.

Our RIM experts conduct stakeholder interviews to identify records and practices, and use that to create a single, functional and process-oriented retention schedule.

Implementation and Communication Strategies

We work with organizations every day to overcome RIM program implementation challenges. We craft an implementation schedule that’s tailor-made to your organization’s needs, and will provide metrics and milestones to track success. We can also develop a communication strategy and training materials for your RIM stakeholders. Many organizations also request our involvement supporting staff training, covering topics specific to your organizations processes.

RIM Privacy Evaluations

The global privacy landscape grows more complicated by the day. Comprehensive data privacy laws that have extra-territorial reach (think the EU’s GDPR, China’s PIPL, and Brazil’s LGPD), as well as local privacy laws (like the growing number of U.S. state privacy laws), have fundamentally changed the way businesses must think about personal information in their records. There are also laws such as Washington state’s new My Health My Data Act (MHMDA), which is poised to affect organizations that previously never considered themselves handlers of health data.

Readying your organization for RIM privacy compliance requires substantial time and resources. Let us help with our privacy program evaluation. As one of our many privacy-related RIM initiatives, we’ll help you proactively identify the privacy laws that impact your records operations.


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