Records Retention Schedule

From a very big-bucket functional approach to more granular record series strategies, Zasio possesses extensive records retention policy experience and a demonstrated history of leading innovation across many industries.


Is Your Records Retention Schedule Effective?

The primary objective underlying a records retention schedule is adoption and adherence. In other words, the schedule should be simple and approachable in its administration and for end-users, so it can be easily maintained and kept evergreen. We work with clients to create or develop a records retention schedule consistent with their organization’s objectives and risk profile. 


We’re experienced in creating schedules from scratch and updating existing ones. We’ll identify and classify records through surveys and interviews to create schedules catered to your needs and objectives. We also help harmonize jurisdictional requirements if you have a global retention schedule.


We’ll help analyze your schedule’s coverage, fill gaps, consolidate, and simplify schedules for a more functional approach. We will also reassess the organizational makeup of your schedules.


We have researched retention schedules and records management record-keeping requirements extensively within the laws and regulations of over 260 federal, sub, self-regulatory, and supra-national jurisdictions.


Using relevant laws and regulations, we will align record-keeping requirements to specific records series captured on your retention schedule.


We’ll consider applied record-keeping citations and make recommendations for retention period adjustments based on our research.


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