Information Governance 101

IG allows organizations to meet recordkeeping legal and technical requirements while maximizing the value and usability of organizational records and information records. It balances these two ideas through policies and procedures that make information valuable, useful, and compliant.

          Goals of IG

Using technology, policy, people, and procedures to manage records and information. Key areas:

  • ZRetention. Maintaining and preserving records and information as evidence for audits, investigations, or legal proceedings.
  • ZCompliance. Good faith compliance with the letter and spirit of applicable laws and regulations.
  • Z Value. Ensuring enterprise and stakeholders receive maximum value from your records and information.
  • ZSecurity. Minimize and manage risk of loss, intrusion, unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, access, or destruction.
  • ZSustainability. Promote sustainable practices that preserve integrity, authenticity, & usability of records & information.
  • ZIntegrity. Maintain trustworthiness, accuracy, authenticity, and completeness of records.
  • ZPrivacy. Ensuring compliance with legal and ethical considerations when processing personal data.

Don’t Let Information Challenges Become a Liability

The legal landscape for records and information is constantly evolving. Zasio helps organizations build records and information management and information governance programs to ensure compliance with local, state, federal, and transnational retention requirements. At Zasio, we stay current on industry trends and the law to offer state-of-the-art guidance catered to your organization’s needs.

Emerging Technologies

Technology offers organizations efficiencies and opportunities that were previously unthinkable. Technology, however, also invites risk. Before you develop, purchase, or license, it’s important to consider the benefits and potential costs. Zasio helps organizations plan for emerging technologies in your IG practices.

Mobile Devices

The rise in the use of personal mobile devices by employees to conduct business is on the rise. Businesses need to gain control over official communications or work that takes place through those devices. We can help you keep up with techniques and strategies to ensure compliance. New mobile devices are coming out all the time, and we have our eye on these state-of-the-art devices so you’re never surprised or scrambling to update your program to accommodate them.

E-Discovery Support

The decisions organizations make affecting large volumes of data can lead the unwary to an expensive and burdensome discovery process in litigation. By implementing a comprehensive IG program your business can reduce its exposure and streamline the e-discovery process. And we’ll be right behind you every step of the way.

Growth Management

The volume and velocity of data in our modern world is often costly to store and maintain. Further, the retention of unnecessary data, or data in a non-searchable format, can lead to organizational inefficiencies and even legal exposure. By implementing a wise and thoughtful IG program, however, you can be confident in what you have, where it is, and when to get rid of it.

The Building Blocks of Information Governance


Organizational policies are crucial for managing information. Policies governing privacy, security, records management, email and instant messaging, information classification, and information acceptable use are a few of the essentials in any mature IG program. IG policies should also include records retention and disposal schedules.


An effective IG program relies heavily on technology. For your organization’s vast stores of electronic information, the ability to effectively track, manage, and dispose of electronic records is vital.


Successful IG requires clearly defined organizational roles. Because every organization is different, roles and responsibilities will vary. Anyone who creates, stores, shares, or disposes of information should be part of your IG program. Effective change management is a crucial part of helping people understand the importance of IG and their role within your organization’s IG program.


Established procedures form an essential compliment to your organizational policies. IG procedures define how your organization must manage, store, share, and dispose of information.


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