It’s the 21st Century and we’re still managing paper? Why don’t we just scan it all and get rid of the boxes?

No doubt you’ve heard these questions before, or perhaps even said them yourself. In this webinar, we’ll dive into this question to see if you can actually get rid of those paper records—whether digitizing is possible, practical, and preferred. Joining us to provide real-world insights and expertise will be Lisa McClurg of Cisco Systems.

More about our guest presenter:

As the Operations Manager on the Enterprise Records and Information Management team (“ERIM”), Lisa is primarily responsible for vendor account management covering 120 markets in 90+ countries, the global records inventory application, and Enterprises Record Retention Schedule. She works cross functionally with teams providing policy and process guidance on ILM (information lifecycle management) to reduce risk and provide them with best practices on policy and data management.

Any day she might engage with HR on proper storage of paper records in a country, work with a vendor on an SOW for a packing and scanning project, advise a business owner and their IT team on retention for the data in an application, or give a newly acquired company details on the ERIM policy and the proper management of their records.

She is a CIP (Certified Information Professional) and holds the CIPP/US and CIPM designations.

She and the other members of the ERIM team are working to enable Cisco to discover, value and take control of their information.

WhatPaper: Scan It or Store It?

When: Wednesday, July, 12 9 a.m. (mountain)