Get ready to roll up your sleeves! In this co-sponsored webinar with ARMA International, we dig into a series of specific examples so you can see, firsthand, how to simplify an overly complicated retention schedule. The webinar considers common pain points and opportunities for retention schedule simplification, including:

  • Addressing common sources of vertical and horizontal record series sprawl
  • Optimizing “bucket size” to match your organization’s risk appetite
  • Carving out exceptions when required
  • Considerations in wording new record series
  • Simplifying the use of triggers
  • Harmonizing a global schedule
  • How technology can help
  • And more…


We had so many great questions come in during the webinar, we added another session dedicated to addressing them!

Q&A Question Outline

During this Q&A session, the Zasio team addresses questions about bucketing, records retention schedule mechanics, triggers, and more!