Air Van, a transportation and storage company, has been storing records for companies of all sizes in the Boise, Idaho area for many years. With over 200,000 square feet of warehouse storage space and having customers of varying sizes and industries, the team is constantly managing multiple databases and navigating different record-keeping requirements to keep up with each customer’s unique requests. These demands, along with a strong recommendation from their largest client, are what led Vu Doan, Vice President at Air Van, and his team to implement Versatile Professional™, Zasio’s industry-leading records management solution for small to mid-size companies.

Today, Air Van not only has all of their records stored and organized in one solution, but they also have customized databases set up which mirror those of their clients, as well as the ability to scan and track records right from their mobile Android devices.

“It’s the out-of-the box stuff you guys do, going above and beyond to meet our needs, that makes our lives so much easier.” -Vu Doan, Vice President, Air Van

Why Versatile Professional?

When it came time to choose and implement a solution, there wasn’t a question of which vendor or software platform to choose. Air Van’s biggest client was using Versatile Enterprise, Zasio’s enterprise-level records management solution, yet paying Air Van to oversee their records storage. Once they decided to turn all records management tasks over to Air Van, it made sense for both parties to use Versatile software to facilitate an easy transition. “Zasio allowed us to sync our big customer database with their database so we had a mirror image of the two databases, daily,” said Vu. “That was the thing that impressed us, and was a big reason for our decision. Our customer wanted to track what we have, and we also wanted to track what we have, and Versatile Professional could do all of that.”.

Favorite Features and Benefits

A Truly Customizable Solution

For Air Van, a customizable software solution is a necessity to keep up with the ever-changing records requirements in place for all of the different companies for which they manage records. “We have a lot of different customers, and each customer has different requirements and multiple databases. Zasio has no problem modifying our databases, or modifying the system to allow us to track what we need for each different customer,” said Vu.

Versatile Mobile Package™

Versatile Professional has become such an ingrained, easy part of the Air Van team’s daily processes they hardly notice it anymore, but they do rest assured knowing Zasio will always have new options and solutions available to keep their technology new and fresh.

Their most recent upgrade was adding the Versatile Mobile Package add-on, which allows them to do all of their scanning from a mobile device of their choice via Zasio’s mobile app, Versatile Records On-The-Go™. “We’re using Android scanners now and it’s made our whole process so much smoother,” said Vu. “It’s a lot easier to set up, it’s a lot easier to scan, and our other users have had no problem picking it up because it’s very easy to train people on. It’s nice to know you all are always changing and updating your software so it reflects the latest technology solutions,” he said.

The Customer Support 

Air Van appreciates Versatile Professional’s features and available add-ons, but they noted the main thing that makes Versatile Professional stand out is the customer support that comes with it. “We’re often managing three different databases for different customers and no matter the project or request, the Support team is like, ’let’s work through it’ or ‘let’s make it happen!’” says Vu. “It’s amazing how flexible and accommodating you guys are.” He continued to share that during a recent Records On-The-Go update, the Zasio support team took it upon themselves to update an internal, handwritten manual, specific to one Air Van employee’s unique daily process, so he could do his job more easily. “It’s the out-of-the-box stuff you guys do, going above and beyond to meet our needs, that makes our lives so much easier,” said Vu.


Since the initial implementation in 2004, Versatile Professional has provided Air Van with a versatile, customizable solution that continues to morph with them as their records management storage and database requirements update and change. “There is just a realm of different options we’ve found with Versatile Professional,” says Vu. “In the beginning, we were using it to track files do other warehousing things but today we use it for cycle count situations, verifying inventory in the Space Management feature, doing vacancy reports…the list goes on.”

As a moving and transportation company, change may come slow sometimes but the Air Van team is grateful to have easy access to the latest technology through Zasio’s solutions, along with the Zasio support team there to hold their hands and guide them through new updates and processes. “I think it’s one of the easiest solutions we’ve ever had,” said Vu.


To learn more about Versatile Professional call 1-800-513-1000 opt. 1 or email