Service Corporation International (SCI), North America’s largest provider of funeral and cemetery services, narrowly dodged a disaster after a tropical storm flooded
downtown Houston, Texas submerging all of the company records that were stored in the basement. The natural hazard prompted SCI to freeze-dry 2.3 million records and partner with Zasio Enterprises, a global expert in information governance and records management.

“Zasio has been great to work with, especially the techs. No matter what questions or concerns there are, they take time to understand what is going on and help you to understand the how and why of things.” -Jeannette Kilpatrick, Corporate Records Manager at Service Corporation International

After a careful review of needs and objectives, the two industry leaders worked together on the implementation of Zasio’s flagship technology, Versatile Enterprise™, and a corresponding add-on, Versatile Imaging™. The result? A comprehensive and sound records and document management solution for SCI comprised of a full catalog of restored physical records along with corresponding digital replicas of each document.


  • Implement a secure, comprehensive and flexible technology solution to find, track, hold and legally destroy records
  • Image, index and store the affected, freeze-dried records alongside new records in Versatile Enterprise™
  • Prevent future losses of the same magnitude


To help SCI protect, secure and manage their physical and electronic records, the Zasio team:

  • Implemented the Versatile Enterprise Records Management system with the Versatile Imaging add-on module
  • Migrated legacy metadata into the Versatile database
  • Trained users on day-to-day usage of the application
  • Configured barcode readers for efficient location tracking
  • Provided best-practice guidance for the imaging and quality checking of all restored and new records


The partnership between SCI and Zasio has proven to be successful, providing:

  • Disaster-proof redundancy of physical records in digital form
  • Reduced cost of physical delivery now that records can be viewed online
  • Timely and defensible destruction of physical records
  • Confidence that vital corporate records are well managed