By Jake Naylor — Zasio Analyst

Ever wonder why Zasio’s research team leads the industry? They are more than just proficient legal researchers—they immerse themselves in record keeping. Collaboration with Zasio’s consulting and technology teams results in accurate, in-depth, and top-quality records management resources. Our clients receive a product focused on relevant recordkeeping requirements vetted alongside business best practices. Customer success is our sole objective, and our expertise and qualifications provide high-quality research for recordkeeping unmatched by our competitors.

Zasio Researchers Have Over 65 Years of Combined Experience in Records Management

And that’s not just years of career experience—that’s years with Zasio dedicated to recordkeeping regulation. Most of our researchers are attorneys and paralegals who understand the nuances of international recordkeeping law. Our researchers’ refined methodologies have been proven over years spent successfully developing projects in numerous industries and ensure our clients receive the most thoroughly vetted research for their business needs. Our researchers use their experience to focus exclusively on citations relevant to each client’s specific business processes. Through this consistent approach, we avoid the predictable dead ends other recordkeeping consulting firms encounter.

Record Keeping Specialization

Fluency in the language of recordkeeping takes time. Statutes and regulations obscure retention periods, triggers, and format requirements. Our team members have specific industry certifications related to recordkeeping—such as Certified Records Manager (CRM), Information Governance Professional (IGP), Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP), and Certified Information Privacy Manager—which anchor their efforts in industry practice. In addition to client recordkeeping projects, Zasio researchers work year-round to keep citations in Zasio’s world-class database up to date. We monitor trends in privacy, retention, and handling restrictions. We comprehensively review—and re-review—all available primary and secondary sources. A singular focus on recordkeeping law allows Zasio’s research team to provide consistent and relevant results.

Research Knowledge Base

At Zasio, we know research without focus leads to unrefined results. It is critical to understand the context of citations to business practices. Our team uses research and consulting to maintain a fresh perspective on what records managers in various industries consider essential. Zasio’s researchers also benefit from interactions with our client’s stakeholders and legal counsel, apprising them of current business operations. This collaboration focuses their research on essential functions and practices. Zasio’s researchers work with our consultants to identify tricky citations and align them with industry common practice. We save our clients time and money by fostering a collaborative environment that streamlines the legal focus of recordkeeping research.

Internal and Direct Resources

A good team is left blind without proper tools to harness and focus their skills. Versatile 2023™, Zasio’s industry-leading records retention software platform, houses our coded pinpoint citations containing regulated parties and retention periods. However, our researchers don’t just use Zasio’s software to input citations but also work with our technology team to provide feedback and optimize the technology. Our researchers understand what information is relevant and provide input to ensure the end-user experience is refined and efficient.

Not all Research is Created Equal.

Knowing the source of your vendor’s research is essential. A high-caliber research team provides a strong foundation for recordkeeping programs through accurate and customized recordkeeping citations. The experienced, focused, and dedicated Zasio team carries a distinct advantage by providing businesses with the precise information they need to meet recordkeeping challenges quickly and efficiently. Like names on film credits, those doing the challenging work are often not prominently recognized. But like those individuals supporting a successful film, Zasio’s researchers create the backbone for an effective and defensible recordkeeping strategy that would be impossible without their dedicated efforts.