The City of Vaughan in Ontario, Canada has been a Zasio customer for over 25 years, starting in 1997 with Versatile Windows™, one of Zasio’s earliest solutions. In 2006, the City transitioned to Zasio’s Versatile Enterprise™ solution.

The City needed a powerful tool, like Versatile Enterprise, to help manage 37,000+ boxes at an off-site operations center.

“There’s a space management component we rely on to be able to find our records,” said the City’s Manager of Enterprise Information Management Services (EIMS) and City Archivist. “It’s about having an effective tool in place to find what you’re looking for with the large volume of records that we have.”

He added, “Versatile’s space management is second to none when it comes to other physical lifecycle management software. That’s a huge win for Versatile.”

Favorite Features

Located north of Toronto, the City manages roughly 270,000 files that include land development applications, building permits, human resource files, bylaws, and drawings, along with legal and finance documentation. To meet the EIMS Teams’ operational needs, the City required a solid system to track its 196 active users.

“The check-in/check-out manager (in Versatile Enterprise) is a huge benefit,” said the EIMS Manager. The City has staff who facilitate file requests from multiple records centers, so tracking down who’s got the record and when it was requested, including getting a history is key.”

The City’s Supervisor of EIMS and Deputy City Archivist appreciates Versatile Enterprise’s space management and disposition functions. Prior to using VE’s space management and disposition functions, staff members did everything manually.

Hand-typing barcodes that were 10-12 digits long was time-consuming and led to mistakes. Human error would also cost staff hours retrieving incorrectly keyed boxes and files, as well as protracted searches for missing records.

“We would go in and individually delete files and boxes, which was a pain,” the Deputy City Archivist commented. “Being able to actually have a record of what was targeted for destruction, track physical destruction dates, and have the approval, was a welcomed change.”

The City’s Human Resources department trusts Versatile Enterprise’s security features to ensure sensitive records are only seen by appropriate users.

“In the past, we’ve had new staff in HR who have been very concerned about what information goes into Versatile and who has access,” said the City’s Supervisor of EIMS. “With (Versatile Enterprise) you can assure staff that the proper security steps and private user groups are in place to prevent unauthorized access. Staff can rest assured that only their users have the ability to locate and see these files – no one out of their department can.”


The City is equally enthusiastic about Zasio’s customer support.

In 2022, the team found improperly labeled boxes while temporarily transferring 3,000 boxes off-site to an external vendor. To correct this issue, the City was provided with a spreadsheet from the vendor with 3,000 new RFID tags.

“We were trying to figure out how we could get one system to talk to the other because inputting new data for 3,000 boxes would have been a very time-consuming and manual process. We didn’t want to run the risk of keying the wrong barcode ID and having future issues,” the EIMS Team said.

It turns out, they didn’t have to worry.

Zasio’s technical support team helped successfully import the data.

“All the numbers were accurate and it was a huge time saver for us,” the Deputy City Archivist said.

Support recently helped the City implement Zasio’s Versatile Mobile Package, which allows staff to make quick work of many records management tasks. This includes scanning bar codes and performing records searches from mobile devices.

“You guys are second to none — you set the bar for the City when it comes to support standards,” the Manager of EIMS said. “It’s instant, it’s consistent, it’s efficient. I haven’t come across this type of support or service with any other service or product.”

The EIMS Team says the superior customer support extends to the Zasio customer portal, which she describes as simply “amazing.” “You’ve got so many resources on there – It’s been a lifesaver.”


The City said it will continue partnering with Zasio indefinitely. Reliable software solutions, combined with a team of solid subject matter experts and trustworthy support made this an easy decision.

About Zasio

Zasio has over 35 years of service in information governance. We help businesses get started in records management and maintain top-of-the-line IG programs. To do this, we’ve recruited a team of expert software developers and technicians, attorneys, along with highly-accomplished records analysts—all in-house!

Our highly trained team includes certified records managers, information governance professionals, and certified information privacy professionals who keep up with evolving IG trends and scale our Versatile solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

It’s no wonder that thousands of organizations, including half of the top 20 Fortune 500 companies, have trusted our software solutions and expert consulting services to create world-class information governance programs.

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