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Data security breaches continue to pose real threats to organizations, and with incidents continuing to trend upward, 2023 will likely be another record-breaking year for data security intrusions. The vast majority are preventable with the adoption of basic security practices, and a robust information cybersecurity program, which is now more than ever a vital component of an information governance (IG) and records and information management (RIM) program.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that executives, IG/RIM professionals, and other vital stakeholders are too far removed from cybersecurity processes and initiatives to devote the attention and funding that they require. This paradigm is quickly shifting, however, as information security is increasingly coming to the forefront of organizational priorities.

Join Rick Surber and Jennifer Chadband, senior analysts from Zasio’s consulting division, along with guest presenters Elizabeth Khan and Dr. Sin Ming Loo for a webinar that bridges this divide by providing an overview of modern cybersecurity best practices and standards along with actionable steps to shore up your organization’s security, while providing practical and regulatory context relevant to the RIM/IG industry. Don’t miss Zasio’s first Virtual Coffee with Consulting session of the year!

*Our Guest Presenters

Dr. S. M. Loo is the Cyber Operations and Resilience (CORe) program director. He leads the effort in offering asynchronous online cyber operations and resilience programs. He is also a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boise State University. He holds a joint appointment with Idaho National Laboratory.

Elizabeth Khan, M.S. CORE, ESC2 Certified in Cybersecurity is a successful entrepreneur. Elizabeth has launched, operated, and sold numerous successful domestic and international ventures in a wide array of forums, including talent consulting, professional research, and regulatory compliance.

She has relied upon intricate communication, networking, and organizational skills, as well as her training and education in sales and marketing, to grow and advance each of those endeavors. Recently, Elizabeth has expanded into the field of cybersecurity with a focus on governance, risk, and compliance having attained a master’s degree and various cybersecurity industry certifications and credentials. In addition to private consulting, Elizabeth works as a security auditor for a large healthcare organization and also freelances as an instructor for Boise State University’s Cyber Operations and Resilience program.