Sorting through privacy requirements that apply to your organization can be daunting due to the information volume and intricacies of provisions. However, you can simplify the process by breaking down the categories, defining the obligations, and focusing on the big-ticket items critical to RIM and privacy programs. Examples of important categories include the regulated data controller, how personal information is defined, and what processes are required for breach notifications, data subject access requests, and cross-border transfers. This Virtual Coffee presentation will discuss how to hone in on and simplify privacy requirements relevant to your program using strategies like identifying common regulated concepts, sorting provisions into categories, and comparing and contrasting provisions between jurisdictions to determine the most stringent.

Join Zasio Consulting analyst Brandon Tuley, along with Jennifer Chadband and Rick Surber, co-managers of Zasio’s Consulting division, for this important and timely discussion!

What: Identifying and Breaking Down Privacy Requirements for Your Program

When: Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024.

UPDATE: This webinar has aired! Looking for the slides from the presentation? View them HERE. You can register and view the recording HERE.