The COVID-19 pandemic and “shelter-in-place” orders have upended offices across the country, forcing businesses and workers to rapidly adapt to our new remote work reality. Although lockdown restrictions are gradually easing, remote work is likely to remain a common feature of office life for the foreseeable future. But while working from home brings a new set of challenges and risks for employers and workers, it also presents an opportunity to reflect on how we work and find new ways to improve. Employers can help their workers stay productive at home without intruding into their private lives. Employees can still keep vital company data secure even when working from beyond the safety of the office. Organizations can still practice effective information governance even when their records and information reside on employees’ workstations located across the country.

Learn about tips and insights on how businesses and employees can protect their privacy and security while maintaining effective organizational records and information management, both during the current era of the “socially distanced” workforce, and beyond.