Zasio Enterprises, Inc., a global leader in business-to-business information governance and records management solutions, is pleased to announce its industry-changing software, Versatile Electronic Records Management System™ (ERMS), now works with Versatile Retention. ™

The integration means it’s now possible to directly manage records retention in your electronic document repositories.

“Zasio is the first company in the market to offer such a powerful solution: The ability to apply our legal research capabilities directly to electronic documents, including third-party repositories such as SharePoint, One Drive, etc.,” said Kevin Zasio, founder and president.

The process also works seamlessly with shared network folders that can have retention policies applied directly to documents. You can watch a demonstration of the process below.

Zasio has helped thousands of organizations build, maintain, and revise records retention schedules—through both consulting services and software solutions. But having a schedule isn’t enough. In fact, having a retention schedule and not applying it to your records can actually be worse than not having one at all.

“Many companies have made great strides in developing and enhancing their records retention schedule, but very few have actually put it into practice on digital repositories–making it operational throughout their infrastructure,” said Warren Bean, senior sales engineer at Zasio.

Thanks to the new integration of the Versatile software, the process, and efficiency of applying retention to your repositories become easier for you and your organization.

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