Tell us about your role at Zasio. 

As a Senior Consultant at Zasio, I have the privilege of working with clients to improve their IG/RIM programs. My most requested role involves simplifying or creating records retention schedules and other RIM policies/procedures. I’m also lucky to co-lead two amazingly hard-working and talented teams at Zasio: the Research team and Consulting team.

What excites you about Zasio’s products and services?

I like that Zasio’s solutions can help almost anyone navigate critical aspects of IG and RIM. From small businesses to government agencies, to international corporations, and everything in between. Our solutions result in tangible positive changes.

How did you get into Information Governance research and why do you like it as a career field?

In law school, I learned that I prefer areas of law that allow for collaboration instead of litigation. I found that complex areas of statutory interpretation provide an opportunity to help people avoid fines, penalties, and litigation through regulatory compliance. Joining Zasio allowed me to research and analyze laws in nearly every industry worldwide for clients. As a bonus, it introduced me to the IG/RIM industry, which I have grown to love.

What are the most important things you recommend people keep in mind about RIM?

A fundamental concept with RIM is realizing that over-retention of many types of records can create as much or more risk than under retention. Over the next five years, the continued expansion of privacy regulations will amplify the risks associated with over retention of records and impact more and more organizations.

What is something you like to do in your free time?

I like to get outdoors with my family and friends to explore and go on adventures together in my free time. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, backpacking, multi-day whitewater rafting trips, and skiing.

Author: Rick Surber, CRM, IGP

Author: Rick Surber, CRM, IGP

Senior Analyst / Licensed Attorney