BOISE, IDAHO – Zasio Enterprises is now offering their popular electronic records management software add-on*, Versatile ERMS, as a web browser interface in addition to the current desktop interface.

This new interface, nicknamed ERMS Web, allows users to capture and access electronic documents from any standard web browser – no install required.

“Integrating directly with Windows is immensely powerful and offers all kinds of opportunities for integration, but requiring a desktop installation is not an option in many cases. A browser interface for ERMS is just makes sense – it provides another option for easy deployment.” Warren Bean, Sr. Sales Engineer.

Versatile ERMS gives users the ability to store electronic records in a central repository handling e-mails, word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, scanned images, and more. “Whether they use a web browser or standard Windows desktop integration, users will find it as easy as using a traditional shared folder.” said Bean.

In addition to the ease of use for day-to-day electronic records management, Versatile ERMS can also integrate with several common data repositories and collaboration tools such as Sharepoint, Box, and Drop Box, to name a few.

All of the functionality of Versatile ERMS now accessible via browser; ERMS Web is a cutting-edge solution for your company’s electronic records management needs.

If you would like more information on Versatile ERMS, or to see a demonstration, please contact our Sales team!

*Versatile ERMS is an add-on to Zasio’s records management product, Versatile Enterprise, it is not an independent product available for purchase.

Watch a short video!