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DNA-Based Storage: The Future of Data Archiving?

What if there was a storage medium capable of storing billions of gigabytes of data in the size of a sugar crystal, with the ability to securely preserve it for centuries without decay or data loss? How far-fetched does it seem to...

Designing the Modern Records Management Solution

Records Management in Design
Records management isn’t a topic designers often hear about in the design industry. Before the existence of digital art, designers organized artwork in humidity-controlled environments to protect the materials and increase longevity; but implementing a records management...

Brexit Implications for Records Management

Brexit Implications for Records Management

Immediately following the news of Britain’s decision to the leave the EU by vote, many unanswered questions arose regarding the implications for companies operating in the UK.  Nothing has changed yet, but moving forward and following the...

2016 NAGARA Annual Conference

We are excited to join our peers at the 2016 NAGARA Annual Conference in Michigan in a few weeks. The theme of the event, “on the trail of information” and the workshops fall right in line with what the Zasio team and...

EU-US Privacy Shield Introduction and Current Status


The proposed Privacy Shield agreement between the US and EU seeks to streamline EU data protection compliance for commercial exchanges requiring the transfer of personal data from the EU to the US. If approved, it would replace the Safe Harbor agreement...

Taming the Unstructured Data Beast with Object-Based Storage

In today’s world of ever-increasing big data, at least 80% (if not more) of it is unstructured. This data – which on a basic level includes any data (both textual and non-textual) lacking pre-defined or recognizable organization, structure or database containment –...

Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures. What’s the Difference?

Electronic signatures and digital signatures are often used interchangeably in conversations, but they carry significant legal, evidentiary, and practical differences within the context of records management.

Electronic signatures are any form of endorsement or assent captured electronically and adopted with...

Laying the Proper Foundation for Master Data Management

Establishing a business case for a Master Data Management System (MDM) has become easier as more enterprises recognize the vast benefits of linking its critical data to a single reliable point of reference, which is typically referred to as a master file....

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Stay up-to-date with Zasio

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