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The Panama Papers: Avoiding the Headlines

The recent leak of the Panama Papers and the ensuing scandal has exposed a host of clandestine financial activities implicating people and companies around the globe.  Although the Panama Papers scandal represents the largest (11 million documents, 2.6 terabytes) and most geopolitically...

Dawning Digital Dark Age

The accelerating pace of technology continues to change the way we communicate and do business. Systems, software, and file formats are in a constant state of flux, rapidly altering how we create, use, and store our data and documents. But the emphasis...

Keeping Tax Records: Is Three Years Enough?

As tax day quickly approaches, the question might come up as to how long tax-related records should be kept. Your company might already have a records retention plan in place for its various records and data, based on legal requirements, common industry...

What does a Permanent Retention Period Really Mean?

ARMA (Association of Records Managers & Administrators) defines a permanent record as a “record that has been determined to have sufficient historical, administrative, legal, fiscal, or other value to warrant continuing preservation.” Continuing preservation implies that it extends for a...

Preventing Headlines with Information Governance

The use of social media sites by elected officials have recently come under heavy scrutiny as one official in Pima County, Supervisor Ally Miller, allegedly deleted comments from her “official” social media Facebook page, while other public offices banned accounts from commenting....

Anonymization and Compelled Destruction Requirements for Companies


Data privacy laws complicate the ability of companies to manage information by: (1) compelling their destruction before fulfilling business or operational needs; and (2) limiting how information can be shared or transferred. This article discusses anonymization techniques and options to deal...

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Stay up-to-date with Zasio

News and events

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