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5 Historical Tidbits that Inspired Modern Records Management

Reading Time: 2.5 minutes

Records management pros are in the trenches of modern technology, but keeping pace is no easy task. Records Managers and Archivists alike work hard to keep up with the rapidly changing industry. Attending conferences, keeping up with new...

Software Integrations in the World of InfoGov

Read time: 2 minutes

Picture this: you’re at the office, and you have a job to do. Naturally, you need software to complete at least some portion of your job. You’ve found that no single platform has all the features you need...

ARMA Live! 2018 – October 22-24, 2018

Connect and learn with us at ARMA Live! 2018 in Anaheim, CA on October 22-24.

Because information is one of the most powerful assets, risk factors, and sources of decision-making in any business, it’s crucial that you understand how it influences your day-to-day...

Genetic Records: Who Owns Your DNA?

In the age of information, you need to keep your personal data safe. If you ever feel like you’re handing out personal information every day, you’re probably right. Your phone calls, bank transactions, and email are all logged, after all. Even so,...

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Stay up-to-date with Zasio

News and events

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Conference and event announcements

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