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Archive Law, Is It Just Applicable to Governments?

A National Archives Agency preserves official documents, photos, artifacts and records that have important historical value to a country. The purpose of an Archive’s Agency is to preserve these important records for future generations and provide public access to these records.


The Importance of Being Permanent

The effect of the word permanent “is rarely pure and never simple” when it comes to records management. In the post-GDPR world, how you interpret and implement the word “permanent” into your retention schedule—as either a long-term retention period or...

Leveraging Google for More Effective Legal Research

Need to do some legal research? Are you having trouble locating a specific requirement, page or article on a website? Here are a couple of ways to leverage Google and its tools to make your life easier and your research more effective:


Are Cloud Drives the Latest Dumping Ground?

The underlying promise of digital transformation is that if you eliminate paper you will improve process workflow and organizational performance. But it often seems that we’ve traded one mountain of clutter for another. We’ve evolved from stacks of paper filling filing cabinets...

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Stay up-to-date with Zasio

News and events

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