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Document Management While Working Remotely

Businesses in the United States and around the world are currently operating in unprecedented times due to COVID-19. Many businesses have had to become innovative and flexible. Possibly one of the biggest changes to how businesses function from day-to-day is the...

Russia’s Archives Order – 2020 Updates

If your company does business or has a business presence in Russia, then you may be familiar with Order No. 558 which sets out a list of storage periods for recordkeeping. On December 20, 2019, the Ministry of Justice of Russia approved...

Using Records Management to Restart

How to Use a Records Management Program to Sustain Business Operations
We are living in unprecedented times. People and businesses worldwide are having to adjust their daily routines and navigate new ways to do business. Consumer spending has drastically declined. International...

The State of Portable Barcode Readers in 2020

If you’re managing boxes and files you already know that barcoding is a must. And, if you’re working with barcodes you probably know that working near a computer is not always possible, so you’ve got to have a mobile device. The landscape...

How to Avoid the File Format Graveyard

In today’s digital environment, businesses use electronic documents more than ever. While this does increase access, it does not eliminate preservation and stability obstacles. In fact, digital documents can become obsolete much faster than paper. In order for a digital document to...

Managing Inactive Records

In today’s day and age, many companies have converted to electronic or paperless systems, however, businesses still have old paper records that need to be retained and accessed. Despite this move to electronic records systems, the task of determining how and where...

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Stay up-to-date with Zasio

News and events

Product releases and updates

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