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November Virtual Coffee with Zasio Consulting

Keeping records longer than needed for legal, regulatory, and business or operational needs exposes companies to significant risks and expenses, particularly in the age of privacy. Despite the threats, companies continue to fall behind in executing defensible dispositions successfully.

Disposition is a...

Legal Research and RIM – A Primer on Methodology

Ever wondered how long a company’s balance sheets have to be kept for tax purposes in Switzerland, or whether sharing personal data with third parties is restricted in Brazil? Maybe your first question is, “Where and how would I even look for...

In Defense of Destruction

A few years ago, I attended a discussion hosted by a federal regulatory agency. At the time, I was a litigation associate at a large international law firm, forehead-deep in discovery, preservation, and production for an expansive government investigation. During the discussion,...

California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) Prep Workshop

The California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) compliance deadline is fast approaching. Is your house in order? Don’t let the CPRA’s January 1, 2023, implementation date or the July 1, 2023, enforcement date sneak up on you! If you’re like many of our...

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Stay up-to-date with Zasio

News and events

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